Remote Control OBS

2021-06-26 Update: Tailscale will not be needed soon. Will be able to control Zoomers related OBS screen shares from any internet device.

Tailscale low level privacy conscious VPN-ish service/app invite link to be able to connect to Squad+ and Squad- computer. Then you can use an OBS remote software to control the new permanent Agile Countdown Timer for verbals in the check-in room

Michelle was the first to try this out and got it asap. So that bodes well 😊. If you didn't get an invite link to Tailscale, ask Saadh, Andre, or Nick for one.

Going to jot down instructions that might be worded badly. Tutorial or at least some pics should be forthcoming.

This is all new to us. For now, the primary gain with remote ability is switching the current OBS set up (scene) or showing or hiding sources (any part of a current set up like cam PiP or sharing of desktop).

For Agile Clock, showing or hiding allows us to do countdown timers in check-ins. The Agile Clock url has to be the one Saadh borrowed from the official site and put on to Zoomers.xyz. Normally Agile Clock requires clicking the page or hitting the space bar to begin the countdown. The borrowed version on Zoomers.xyz automates that part.

The software on each platform:

  • iPhone: “OBS Blade”.
  • Android: "StreamControl" or "OBS Controller" (no frills, less features) *thanks @@Zoe
  • Web app on all platforms including desktop browsers: https://l.zoomers.xyz/obs-verbal-timer

Info for mobile apps is:

  • IP: You can also get it by copying it from the Tailscale app by holding on to the IP.
  • Port: 4444 for Squad- (Agile Clock) or 4441 for Squad+
  • Password: hello101.
  • All the apps will save the configuration. They may say that the connections are offline in the future, but you should still be able to connect

Tailscale has to be connected on your device for any of the apps or web app to work.

There isn't much power given to you. You can view a screenshot previews (on some of the mobile apps), change scenes, adjust audio, and show/hide sources/components.

The mobile apps are simple. StreamControl says it can also change browser source urls and text which would be a unique feature no one else has yet.

For the web app:

  • Press the pencil icon
  • Click the "+" tab to the far right. Add “Sources”. You can also add any thing else you want to add.